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Reverend Dan Callahan

Reverend Dan Callahan

My purpose is to give each couple the wedding ceremony they want. I'm able to officiate non-denominational ceremonies that emphasize the couple's theme and style, ranging from inspirational to spiritual to romantic—and even to lighthearted.

I meet with couples beforehand to plan their ceremony in my warm, personable, and flexible style, at a location of their choice.

Many couples like to include a special ceremony in their wedding. For more information see my Services page. 

The choices are unlimited and I am committed to helping you make the right ones for you. Even the location choices for your wedding can vary greatly. Locations have included formal banquet hall venues, casual restaurant settings, intimate ceremonies at home, on one's property, at local nature settings like the one on a breathtaking stone bridge at the Setauket Nature Preserve, or the Fourth of July wedding a couple had under a tent on their front lawn with the bridal party in full Hawaiian attire.