A Thanksgiving Wedding

Thanksgsiving Wedding

Holly and Alex were married the day after Thanksgiving at the exquisite Stonebridge Country Club. I had the honor of officiating their wedding. At this time of year our thoughts turn to giving. The theme of “giving” was evident in the hearts of this beautiful couple. Alex and Holly are people who know life is all about being of service, giving to others. They live it- Holly is a Nurse and Alex, a First Responder / Heavy Rescue Person. And it was exemplified by them hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 30 members of their family the day before their own wedding!

Thanksgiving Weeding Ceremony

Giving was also a theme among the attendees. Of course parents, other family and close friends are always ready to lend a helping hand. Additionally, the Company 4 Heavy Rescue Squad of the Selden Fire Department was there to support and honor them. They did it in a most unique way. Alex’s fellow Firefighters were dressed in full Firemen’s uniforms as they formed a Fireman’s Wedding arch of shining ceremonial silver axes. These were held high above them as Holly and Alex entered their reception introduced as husband and wife!

AH 10.jpg

And although the ceremony took place after sunset, the brilliance of the love between them and among their family and friends shined as bright as the noon day sun this late November evening! I would be honored to officiate your wedding at this or any of the other fine venues on Long Island.

Rev Dan Callahan