6 Ways Marriage is Like Football

football wedding.jpg

Football can offer valuable insights into what’s involved in a marriage.

1. It’s not about you

A marriage, or any relationship really, is a team effort. In the football game of life, a husband and wife are teammates driving towards the end zone together. Getting a touchdown, winning a game or a season is done with the coordinated effort of all team members.

2. Be on the same page

Playing a good game as with a healthy marriage requires strong communication skills. There will be back and forth running and a lot of ball passing. For the center to hike the ball to the quarterback and have it received they got to know what each other is doing in every moment of every game.

3. I get knocked down, but I get up again

Becoming a championship team involves years of accumulated practice filled with failures and successes. Like marriage, focusing on the next play rather than the mishaps will always lead to a better game. If you drop the ball, if you fumble or even lose, you get back in and go for next week’s win.

4.There’s time to huddle

Fumbles, dropped passes, and interceptions will happen. But, you need to learn from setbacks and have a game plan. You put your heads together and move in the same direction. A united front is essential. Locking arms, we move forward together no matter what the weather!

5. And there’s a time to cuddle

 Even the best players and teams need time to regroup, renew their commitment to each other, review the playbook and stick  to “the plan”. It’s not all work. The best preparation is sometimes done off the field.

6. Know your role

The most important thing about working as a team is that you recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You need to know when to pass the ball, and when to take the tackle. Sometimes your teammate can do a better job of getting that touchdown, and sometimes they’re still going to be left back at the starting line.

And in the end

The beauty of football and marriage is that you have your team to help you towards that winning touchdown of life! Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. But because you do it together, it makes it the greatest game and the greatest way to live your life- together.

Rev Dan Callahan