Last Minute Wedding

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I do a lot of “last minute” weddings for couples. And I am amazed at the variety of reasons contributing to couples getting married without much notice. I’m convinced it’s because of the complexity of their situations, the numerous responsibilities they’re juggling, and the timing of things like the health of a loved one or the birth of a child. For some couples the right time suddenly becomes now - actually right now, “within the next few days” or “within the week”!

Whether it is Adam and Shannon who are saving for a nice wedding reception at a later date, but don’t see the point in waiting to be married, or Shan and Christian who wanted to marry on the anniversary of their first date and at the very location of that date at Sayville Beach.

 And then there is the birth of Joseph Jr. to Samantha and Joseph three weeks before. Now, with Mom and baby doing well, and having some energy to plan a little, they had their simply beautiful wedding in their apartment with newborn Joseph and best friend Mike present. For Ray and Christina, they have been planning to have a public ceremony later next year at a high end venue, but with the fragile health of Christina’s dad, they wanted to ensure he could be at their wedding, so it became an intimate private ceremony complete with a breathtaking sunset at Cedar Beach! Whatever the reason, there is always a season for making the important things like marriage happen, even if it appears to be last minute.

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Rev Dan Callahan